How To Maintain Wood Type of Flooring?

Before starting to wash wood flooring, you should understand whether it is surface-sealed or penetrating-sealed.

When running a finger across the material, notice if there is a streak or not.
In case you cannot see any trace, that means the type of flooring is surface-sealed. It is crucial never to use boiling water and abrasive substances.

If the flooring is oil- or penetrating-sealed, vacuuming and dry mopping should be the best option to protect the wood. Products that contain acrylic or are water-based can cause inevitable damages.

It would be wise to have a soft-bristled broom angled in the storage space because it can help you to clean the corners thoroughly. Choose a wide-enough one to get rid of the dust and grime rapidly and effectively.

Some experts recommend using a vacuum with a soft floor nozzle.

Wet and sticky spills are the biggest enemies of the wood. Use appropriate cleaners and soft damp cloths. Overly wet mopping increase the speed of the tear and wear process.

Forget the steam cleaning. Over time moisture deform the natural material.