The Golden Pig

The Golden Pig is a very small restaurant located in Cecil, PA. It is not far from the Original Farmers Market  on route 51, southwest of Pittsburgh. It is a super convenient place to get fresh, scratch-made food from a very nice woman after leaving the farmers market. That is just what we did. When we arrived at the market, we called and placed our order to pick up after leaving the market. 

The Golden Pig a delicious Korean restaurant with only 11 seats. All the food is made by a woman who is very friendly and when not busy, will chat with you while you eat. The food is made in front of you as you wait and reminds me of being at a friend’s home, eating fabulously made food. She truly cares about offering authentic Korean food. We go there or order take out multiple times each year and have never had a bad meal. On this trip, we ordered three of our favorite dishes. 

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The Korean pancake is probably my favorite things here. It is light, slightly sticky, and a little crunchy. Mrs. Kwon makes fantastic hot sauce that is amazing with this pancake. To me, this is the perfect consistency for a savory pancake. 


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The spicy noodle salad for two is pasta in a slightly spicy sauce, mixed with vegetables, seaweed, and sprinkled with sesame seeds. It is crunchy, spicy, and smooth. I do think that it serves more than 2, probably closer to 4 or 6 if you are eating it as an appetizer. 


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The spicy squid is served with white rice (you can get fried rice for an additional cost) and coleslaw or kimchi. It is spicy, crunchy, and chewy cooled down with the rice. 

Photo Jul 27 6 33 10 PM

The coleslaw is an option with an entree. We can never choose so, we ordered a side of coleslaw. I love the crunchiness and the toasted sesame flavor. It is the perfect compliment to the spicy meal. 

Other menu items that we like are the pork bulgogi, fried potatoes, and the jop chae. I highly recommend any of these dishes. You really cannot go wrong at the the Golden Pig. Everything is fantastic!


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