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Simple Clean and Homemade I The Elmton

I know it is Saturday, but I just HAD to post pics from our dinner tonight. The Elmton is located in Struthers, Ohio which is sort of between Youngstown and Boardman. It takes a little over an hour to drive from Pittsburgh, but the drive is totally worth it. Plus, the money you will save will counteract the amount that you will spend in gas. (We only spent $25 for dinner AND drinks. Deal!)

Plus, I know some of you will be traveling to the Grove City Outlet mall for back to school shopping. Maybe you are planning a trip to the 10 mile yard sale tomorrow. Or perhaps you are going to Shaker Woods for some crafts. So, really this is helping you to find one of the best meals ever. Even if you are not going to be in the area, totally worth the drive.

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Let’s talk pizza. The “Real Pizza” is the original recipe from the restaurant’s inception in 1945. It has a flavor different from any that I have ever had anywhere else. I asked our waitress one time what the difference was, she said it was the swiss cheese in the cheese mixture. In addition to swiss cheese, they also put green peppers on every pizza. I hate green peppers on pizza, but I love it here. They are missing the bitter taste that I normally loathe.

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I have been eating this pizza as long as I can remember. My parents have been eating it since they were dating. They both still love it. My Dad loves to eat it for breakfast. Tonight, when we walked in with the box of leftovers, my mom instantly pulled a piece out of the box to enjoy.

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The pizza is not the only reason to visit The Elmton. The other reason is the broasted chicken. We always have a (not so healthy or balanced) meal of broasted chicken breasts and pizza when we dine there. If you are not familiar with broasted chicken, you need to find a place and try it. Broasted chicken is chicken that is cooked in a pressure fryer. The resulting chicken is incredibly juicy with the crispiest skin ever. I like to dip it in hot sauce.

The pizza is enough to draw me to the restaurant. Add the broasted chicken and it is definitely worth the drive and the wait. I’m sure more than one of my family members will be eating Elmton Pizza for breakfast tomorrow.

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