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Today we finally went to Station Street Hot Dogs. I have never been a lover of hot dogs. I can’t explain what it is that makes me dislike them so much. It is probably the texture. Texture tends to gross me out. Plus, any time we had hot dogs at home as a kid, they were burned. There was one place where I would eat the hot dog. However, it was not for the hot dog itself, it was for the delicious chili sauce. A sauce that I believed was so spicy that I had to put an ice cube on my lips when I was done eating it. I loved spicy food even then. My love for Coney Island has made the bar for chili sauces pretty high. They cannot be sweet nor can they have chunks. It must be brown goop with yellow mustard and onions. 

Because of my love of one very specific chili sauce, on our trip to Station Street Hot Dogs, I did not order the chili dog. They just never compare. Instead, we tried a few of the fancier options. We asked the person working behind the counter what she recommended. She said that she likes everything on the menu but, her absolute favorite is the Devil Dog. Then, her second favorite was the Bahn Mi. Sold and Sold. We added Poutine (a special) and watermelon ague fresco to our order and found a seat on the long counters that line the windows. 

The service was great. However, the people who arrived after us took our order, started eating it, and then realized that it was not what they ordered. A fresh order was made for us in no time and we sat down to enjoy our dogs. 

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First up was the Devil Dog. It contained a hot dog (we choose beef but Smart Dogs are available), egg salad, Tabasco, potato chips, and scallions. The hot dog was juicy, so juicy that when I bit into it the juice squirted on to the window. It was a good choice with the crunch of the chips, the freshness of the scallions, the creaminess of the egg salad, and the acidity of the hot sauce. It was very good. 

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Next up was the Bahn Mi Dog. I do love Bahn Mi. I like to make it when we have left over meat in the refrigerator. This dog contained a beef hot dog, pork liver, pickled cucumber, pickled red onion, jalapeño, sweet chili, and cilantro. This was fantastic. It had a touch of sweetness, saltiness from the hot dog, crunchiness from the pickles, and spiciness from the chunks of jalapeño. I will definitely order this next time. 

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Pierre loves poutine. He is from Maine and he is French Canadian so I think it is a law or something that he has to love it. He likes cheese curds even by themselves. I can’t stand the squeaky feeling on my teeth. So, because of his minor obsession, we had to order them. They included brown gravy, Canonball Curds from Arsenal Cheese, and scallions. The fries were crispy and delicious. They were seasoned perfectly. I am not a fan of gravy, although it had a good smoked brisket flavor that even I enjoyed. My heart will always be with that chili sauce. If only I could have the chili sauce with these fries. That would be perfection. 

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To wash it all down, we ordered the watermelon ague fresco. It tasted like biting into a fresh watermelon. It was slightly sweet. It would be super fun if you could get it with some sparkling water so it would be fizzy. 

We really enjoyed our trip to Station Street Hot Dogs. We will definitely go back! 

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