Roasted Vegetable Tray

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I’m about to tell you about the best side dish that I have ever made for a holiday dinner. The last day of work before Christmas, I spent some time talking about side dishes for the holidays with people I work with. One person said that every year she orders a roasted vegetable tray and she loves it. The leftovers are delicious, it adds more vegetables to the meal, and everyone loves it. I knew I had to make one. I love veggies, especially when they are already prepared and in my refrigerator. So, I knew that the leftovers would be eaten and enjoyed. Plus, it is more fun and interesting than a regular veggie tray, and I love unique.

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I started thinking about dips and I knew that I had to try making aioli. I finally settled on aioli, basil aioli, and chipotle aioli. Since making the aioli, I have found other delicious uses for the recipe. Oh, if you are having ham, the chipotle aioli is fantastic on leftover ham sandwiches.

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For my vegetable tray, I roasted beets, mini zucchini, green beans, carrots, peppers, onions, and mushrooms with olive oil in a 450 degree oven. I stemmed the artichokes and bought grape tomatoes. Finally, I marinated some white kidney beans in pesto. I placed the cool veggies on a tray and we dug in. Everyone ate the vegetables and enjoyed them. This is a new staple at all family get togethers.

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It adds a beautiful array of colors to any tables cape.

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    Your roasted vegetable tray looks lovely! Thanks for sharing at and linking back to Foodiefriendsfriday

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