Roasted Chicken

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I like to make a nice dinner on Sunday. I typically pick something that is a little more difficult to make or is a little on the fancy side because we have time. I like to have leftovers for lunch during the week or another dinner or two as well. I always thought roasted chicken was difficult. I don’t know why because I have made turkey many times. It just seemed like it might be hard. Plus, it is always impressive to get roasted chicken in a restaurant. 

Roasted chicken is not difficult. It is actually quite easy. The hardest part is getting over the fact that you have to stick your hand in the chicken. Luckily, I got over that a long time ago. This is a delicious meal that is very impressive on the table. As a bonus, because there are only two of us, we can use the left over chicken the rest of the week in other meals. 

The other thing that I worry about when roasting a chicken is getting chicken juices all over the kitchen so, we try to keep the contamination to a minimum and then disinfect once it is in the oven. 

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I always start by preparing my pan. I like to use my 8×8 All-clad Baker because it is the perfect size for a 3-4 pound chicken. I do not have a rack for this pan, so I just cut an onion and put it in the bottom of the pan with a couple of carrots. 

Next, I prepare the rub. I like to use Herbs de Provence. I learned about roasting chicken with this when we were on vacation when I was a child. I ordered roasted chicken and it was so good. We asked what the seasoning was and the waitress said that it was Herbs de Provence. 

I mix 1 tablespoon of Herbs de Provence, 1 tablespoon of salt, 1 teaspoon of smoked paprika, 1 teaspoon of ground pepper, and about 4 tablespoons of olive oil. Stir to combine. 

In a separate small bowl, mix another set of 2 teaspoons salt, 1/2 teaspoon of smoked paprika, and 1/2 teaspoon go ground pepper. 

I also like to prepare the herbs that I stuff inside. I like to pick some thyme and sage from the garden to stuff into the chicken. In addition, I add 2-3 cloves of crushed garlic. 

I cut a piece of string (purchased at a kitchen supply store) about 2 feet in length. 

Heat the oven (I like to use the toaster oven) to 425 degrees. 

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Clean out the sink and scrub it.

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Set up a station next to the sink with all of the things you need for preparing the chicken.

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After the sink is cleaned remove the chicken from the packaging in the sink.

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There will usually be a small package inside of the chicken that contains the internal organs and a neck. Some chickens do not contain this. It is a good idea to check. I usually have a small sauce pan ready and put the gizzards in the small pan. Then, I add 1-2 pieces of celery, salt, and a piece of onion. I cover it with water and simmer for about 40 minutes. I reserve it and use when I need to make gravy or add it to soup. 

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I wash the chicken by rinsing it inside and out. Then. I pat it dry with a paper towl. IMG 3860

I take the small bowl of salt that does not contain oil and sprinkle the seasonings on the inside. Leave the bowl in the sink. 

IMG 3861Transfer the chicken to the 8×8 pan, breast side up. 

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Stuff the thyme, sage, and garlic into the cavity of the bird. 

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Tie the legs together by wrapping the string around them in a figure 8 pattern. Tie at the end to tighten. Stick the wings under the chicken. 

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Then, give the oil mixture another stir and dump the oil and spices over the top of the chicken. Place the bowl and spoon in the sink. Rub the oil and spices over the chicken until the entire chicken is coated in oil and spices.IMG 3872 

I like to place meat thermometers in the chicken. So that I know when it is done. 

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Place the chicken in the oven and bake about 20 minutes per pound or until the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees when the thermometer is in the thickest part of the thigh.  (By the way, did you notice that I am able to cook two large potatoes and a whole chicken in my toaster oven? I love my toaster oven.)

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Clean all items that may have touched the raw chicken. 

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Remove from the oven.IMG 3900Allow to rest with foil covering it for 10-15 minutes. 


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Cut and serve. 

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