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The gorgeous weather this weekend prompted us to do something that we hate doing in the winter. We waited in line for brunch. When we realized that it would be around 68 degrees on Sunday, we knew it was our last opportunity to go to Point Brugge for the season because I hate being cold. So, I checked out the menu, as I always do, and Pierre saw the thing that lures him to any restaurant, Poutine. That prompted us to go to Park Bruges instead because they have some over the top version of poutine that has sausage gravy and eggs. Normally, we got to Point Brugge because I love the fritted with the basil mayonnaise, the moles bowl, and the frittata of the day has never lead me astray. For dinner, I love the roasted tomato and spinach dip. 

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We arrived at the restaurant at about 10:40. There was not line. We were shocked. We thought perhaps this second restaurant was not as popular for brunch as Point Brugge. We stood there for a few minutes and slowly the crowd waiting grew. By the time eleven o’clock came, there were enough people to fill the restaurants. We were escorted to our seats and ordered our drinks. We both ordered a mimosa. I do love a mimosa at brunch.  This was an excellent version of a classic mimosa. 

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I typically order the frittata of the day or the omelet of the day when I go to Park Bruges sister restaurant, Point Brugge. This week, the frittata of the day featured wild mushrooms and an herbed goat cheese. The herbed goat cheese and mushrooms gave this a delightful earthy taste. This was a great frittata of the day, as usual. 

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 In addition to the frittata and the mimosa, I ordered the potato gratin. Really, the addition of the side dish is an extra $2 if you order a mimosa and the frittata of the day because it is part of the pre fixe brunch meal. This potato gratin features tender potatoes with a cheesy cream sauce and a crunch top crust. It is the perfect accompaniment to brunch. This is just so much food that even with Pierre’s help we could only eat about half of it. I order this almost every time we go to brunch at Point Brugge

Photo Nov 11 11 39 08 AM

Photo Nov 11 11 39 35 AM

 Pierre’s dish was the Brunch Style Poutine. It features two fried eggs, Amish cheese curds, and Parma sausage gravy. This is an over-the-top version of one of Pierre’s favorite dishes. The runny egg really added to the sauce of sausage gravy. The fries were extra crispy so they didn’t get soggy while he was eating this. It is a huge portion. Not surprisingly, this is a little on the salty side. It was delicious and decadent. A must try. 

 We really enjoyed our lunch at Park Bruges. It was just as good as its sister restaurant. We will be back again, perhaps there will be another nice Sunday soon. 


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