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Friday night was hot. Weather.com said that it was 95 degrees and it feels like 99. There were two heat advisories and an air quality alert. This is what I wait for. I love the hot, steamy summer. However, I hate cooking in the house when it is this hot, and I feel super guilty making Pierre stand near a hot grill. We typically go grocery shopping on Saturday, so making a simple, cooking-free meal is not really an option on Friday. 

It was also way to hot to get dressed up and go out to dinner. It was the perfect night to eat at home and enjoy the air conditioned comfort that we love so much. We decided to try a place that we never went to before in Robinson, Olympos Gyros

The problem with living in Robinson is the number of chain restaurants and the lack of local restaurants. We frequent Bocktown, Jose Ole, Ya Fei, and Mad Mex. However, it was time for a change. We typically go to Mr. Gyros in Washington, PA when we have a craving for gyros. However, this is a good substitution. 

We ordered a platter that came with a small greek salad. 

Greek Salad

The salad had a few large chunks of feta and some vinegary dressing. I love dressings that have a lot of vinegar. The salad was good, it would have been better with some spring mix and kalamata olives that were pitted. 

The platter also came with french fries and we ordered it with a regular gyro.


The gyro consisted of gyro meat, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, and tzatziki sauce. This tzatziki sauce is made with sour cream which gives it a bit more zing. The pita bread is warm and thicker than at other gyro establishments. It is similar to the pita bread at Mr. Gyro. The thicker, warm pita bread makes this seem more like a sandwich instead of a wrap. The lettuce adds a delightful crunch while the tomato adds freshness. 

In addition to the platter, we ordered the Hades which the menu totes as the “top seller”. It is the same as the regular gyro except it has spicy tzatziki sauce and french fries. 

the Hades

The tzatziki sauce was not very spicy. The french fries added a nice texture to the gyro. 

Finally, we ordered the spinach pie. It had a small amount of feta cheese with spinach and a film crust. 

Spinach Pie

Overall, we will probably go back to Olympos Gyros. It is good, local, and a great value. I included photos of the menu because the website was not working when we went. They said that they are redesigning it. 

Front of menu




Olympos Gyros on Urbanspoon


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