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Nicky’s Thai Kitchen is one of my favorite restaurants in Pittsburgh. It is located on Western Avenue on the North Side. They have recently opened a second location downtown, but I have not gone there yet. Nicky’s is a small restaurant in a restored row house. It has gorgeous outdoor dining that feels like you are not in a city at all available in the summer months. It is my favorite lunch spot because of the little surprise that sits atop the rice.

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To start at lunch, all meals come with salad or soup. I always get the soup. It is a small cup of thai-flavored chicken noodle soup. It features a light broth with a hint of lemon grass and rice noodles. It is the perfect start to the meal.

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I order the same thing every time we go there. I order the Spicy Green Beans. Nicky’s offers a variety of protein choices as well as a vegetable option. I order the veggie option without the tofu. That basically means that they add on a few more vegetables. The spicy green beans have a red curry sauce and are slightly spicy. Nicky’s allows customers to choose spiciness on a 1-10 scale. I like a 9, but it is better to be safe than sorry. If you order your meal and it is not spicy enough or you are sharing with someone who does not like spice, ask for the spice tray. The mini peppers are amazing!

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Crab Rangoons are the special surprise on your plate at lunch. They serve one as a garnish. Nicky’s has the best crab ran goons. They are crispy and slightly sweet. I save mine for the end of the meal. It is like dessert.

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The other dish that we ordered on this trip was the jalapeño peanut. It was jalapeños and onions mixed with beef, chicken and port in a brown sauce topped with fried peanuts. This dish was also very good being slightly spicy. The meats were perfectly seasoned.

Typically we order Pla Lad Prik. It is a crispy fried tilapia fillet with veggies and a spicy chili sauce. I highly recommend that dish. I mean, if I didn’t love the spicy green beans. I really do love them.

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