Giant Eagle Market District Burgers and Fries

We are having a crazy busy weekend running errands and doing some house projects. We decided to stop at Giant Eagle Market District for lunch and grocery shopping on Saturday afternoon. We decided to try the new burgers and fries. The very nice man working the station told us that it would take about five minutes to prepare our burger, so we could walk around if we wanted. We decided to check out the new bulk section. 

Photo Oct 06 12 07 41 PM

These cupcakes are part of a display in the new bulk department at Giant Eagle Market District in Robinson. 

Photo Oct 06 12 07 57 PM

Check out all the sprinkles in the bulk department at Market District Giant Eagle. 

Photo Oct 06 12 08 20 PM

Plus, they added more nut butters! I do love nut butters, especially freshly ground ones. This is very exciting, and I can’t wait to try them all!

Photo Oct 06 12 17 12 PM

After looking at all the bulk items, we headed over to the hot foods area to see if our food was ready. The burger was ready, and we were able to choose our toppings. This is the double burger. It has two patties, tomato, lettuce, mayonnaise and pickles. The patty tastes almost like it has onion powder on it, I am a burger purist and think that a burger should taste like meat and toppings. I hate when seasonings are added to patties. 

The burger was mediocre at best. It cost over $7, which is not outrageous at a specialty burger place, especially if the burger is delicious. This did not deliver. I think Wendy’s would have been better, even though I do not eat there. The bun was fresh, the tomato was cut very thick, and it had shredded lettuce. 

Photo Oct 06 12 18 38 PM

This is the small order of fries from the Burger and Fries Station at Market District. The burgers are made to order, so I assumed that the fries would be as well. I was wrong. These were cold and limp. We didn’t finish them because they were so awful.

I can tell that the main concept of this station is to be like Five Guys. The station has a gorgeous display of whole potatoes. They are attempting to make gourmet burgers however, they are not in any way competing with gourmet burger restaurants. The saddest part about the whole experience is that we spent the same amount of money that we would have spent a Five Guys. It was missing some of the best parts about Five Guys, like the fountain drink machines and the hot, made to order food. 

Another reason I would prefer to order a burger from another restaurant is that they don’t even have a ketchup dispenser or hot sauce. There is a lack of condiment choices in the dining area. It is sad that they have removed the options. 

I am really disappointed about the quality of food at Market District in the hot foods section. It seems to be going down hill fast. We have eaten there two weekends in a row. I will not be eating there again. The food is of poor quality and is often cold. When it opened, I was really hoping that it would be more like the Whole Foods Salad bar, but it doesn’t even come close. When it first opened, the food was hot and replaced frequently. I am very sad about the poor quality and inedible items available today. You would be way better off going somewhere else in the area. 

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