Gab n’ Eat and C’s Waffle House

We almost never go out for breakfast. We go out for brunch, but not breakfast. I am constantly saying that I would never pay for something that I can make at home, especial something as inexpensive as eggs. Seriously. The only problem with my strong opinions about breakfast is that I also really dislike making it. I only really make breakfast a few times a month. So sometimes it is necessary for us to go out. And by necessary, I mean I just have a couple of places that I really, really like to eat breakfast. I want to share those places with you.

Simple Clean and Homemade I Gab n Eat 2

We order the same exact thing every time we go to Gab n’ Eat. The coffee is the best coffee anywhere. I have no idea what makes it so good, but it is really good. Above is a “Half a Louie”. It is has browns with tomato, peppers, and onions and a sprinkling of cajun seasoning. A half an order is way too much for the two of us. They often recommend the half order.

Simple Clean and Homemade I Gab n Eat

And now for the things that make Gab n’ Eat really special. The toast is Mancinis bread that is toasted on the flat top with butter. It is addicting and I save a few bites for the end of the meal because it is so rich and crispy that I feel like it is dessert. The sausage is homemade hot Italian sausage. It is the best hot sausage I have ever had. Tie it all together with a dippy egg. This is the best breakfast in the Pittsburgh area.

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Simple Clean and Homemade I Cs Waffle House

C’s Waffle House is located in New Castle, PA. I have been going to C’s Waffle house since before it was even located in New Castle. They have consistently delicious breakfasts with some totally awesome hash browns. Above is my typical order. I get one egg over light with extra crispy bacon, wheat toast, and has browns smothered and covered (With cheese and onions).

Simple Clean and Homemade I Cs Waffle House 2

I really can’t remember what Pierre ordered. I think it was called the Southern Smothered or something like that. It was basically a giant pile of meat and eggs topped with sausage gravy and served with a biscuit. Not my style but definitely good and Pierre loved it.

These places are very different and located nowhere near each other, but the breakfast is a great deal and really delicious. Put them on your must try list.

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