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I love Mexican food, both authentic and Americanized. What can I say? Cilantro is one of my favorite flavors. That probably explains my affinity for Thai food as well. I call Americanized Mexican food my winter food because it is warm and comforting. I like refried beans and chips and salsa. Really. That is the only reason I go to inexpensive Mexican restaurants. 

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Until this summer, we had a favorite that was very convenient. Then, it closed. We were so sad. So we tried El Paso in Bridgeville. It is located next to T.J. Maxx (the best one in the area) in the Great Southern Shopping Center. 

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First and foremost, our new favorite Mexican restaurant has to have delicious salsa with chile habanero sauce on the table. This salsa is a little on the thin side, but it has the brightness of cilantro. All it needs is a little habanero sauce to give it some heat and it meets my salsa requirements.

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 Next, the chips must be slightly warm and fresh. These fit the bill. 

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In addition to the perfect chips, El Paso has the cheese dip that I crave in the winter. White American cheese with a tiny bit of heat. Perfect for dipping. 

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I almost never order a margarita. This one was good. I got mine frozen, Pierre had his on the rocks. Man was it strong. 

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I am reallysimple at Mexican restaurants, I really just want a soft taco and some beans. This is a typical soft taco in the Pittsburgh region. It has ground beef and some lettuce. 

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The refried beans are smooth and creamy. Great for dipping chips. 

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Pierre chose the Chicken Fajitas. They came in a sizzling pan with onions, tomatoes, and green peppers. It was exactly what I look for in fajitas. 

Photo Nov 16 5 59 41 PM

The fajitas came with this giant plate of toppings as well as some tortilla shells. We never eat the tortilla shells when we order fajitas. 

This is our new go to Americanized Mexican food restaurant for an inexpensive meal. It is definitely kid friendly and quick. We will be back for sure.  

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