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SImple Clean and Homemade I El Canelo

El Canelo is one of my go to spots in the New Castle area. It is fast, inexpensive, and consistently good. They have great lunch specials and the happy hour margarita is one of my favorites. I am not going to claim that this is authentic or super flavorful, but for some beans, chips, and salsa, you can’t go wrong. The salsa is a wonderful version of restaurant salsa. I like it spicy so I add the green habanero hot sauce. The chips are always crispy. If you are looking for more dips, the bean dips is creamy topped with white queso. We also enjoy the queso dip.

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This is the Texas Margarita. It is a great example of a restaurant margarita. Plus, you can get patron if you ask.

SImple Clean and Homemade I El Canelo 3

Here is the beef taco. I order one. It comes with cheese and lettuce on a flour tortilla. The beef is sort of bland, but when you add salsa, this is a great lunch for less than $2.

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This dish comes with the fajitas at dinner time. At lunch, it is a much smaller dish because the rice and beans are on the same plate as the fajitas.

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The chicken fajitas are one of my favorites. At dinner it comes out sizzling. I actually like it better at lunch when it comes on a regular plate. We never use the tortillas. I think it is great to eat by itself. The chicken and vegetables have just enough seasoning and taste really good with the rice and creamy beans.

SImple Clean and Homemade I El Canelo 5

The side of beans is my favorite dish at El Canelo. I love how creamy they are. Plus I like to eat them as a chip dip. These are the beans that I always want when we go to similar Mexican American restaurants but they never measure up.

SImple Clean and Homemade I El Canelo 7

Finally, we ordered fried ice cream. This is the first thing that I have been disappointed by here. It was coated in cornflakes and missing the fried ice cream flavor that I love. There was nothing fried about the ice cream itself.

I highly recommend going to El Canelo at lunch time. I either order one of the items above or the pollo salad. The pillow salad is really not like any other chicken salad I have ever had. Half the plate has chicken while the other half has the lettuce, tomato, guacamole, mixture and some cheese. They serve it with ranch, but I have never used the ranch. Some salsa is all I need.

If you go to El Canelo expecting authentic Mexican street food you will be highly disappointed. If you go looking for fast, inexpensive, comforting Mexican American food, you will be very satisfied.

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