Don Jose Mexican Grill

Finding Mexican food I like in Pittsburgh is hard. I don’t like it to be fancy, just the basics. My favorite thing (aside from chips and salsa, obviously) is the beans. I like refried beans to be mostly blended and topped with some melty cheese. Specialty cheeses are nice, but not my favorite when I am looking for comforting Mexican food on a Friday night. For a few years we had a place we visited regularly, but to our dismay it closed. Jose Ole in Robinson across from the mall was everything I look for in Mexican comfort food. They had good chips and salsa and creamy beans topped with cheese. When we found out that the same people from Jose Ole opened a new restaurant in Robinson, we were excited.

Don Jose is located in the plaza near Petco and Eat n’ Park. It is in the spot where Dasonii was located before it closed. They didn’t make tons of changes on the inside. It looks more modern than Jose Ole, but the food is still the same yummy stuff we loved.

SImple Clean and Homemade I Don Jose

We started with margaritas because, well, it was Friday. The margaritas were just what we were expecting. A good way to end a long week at work.

SImple Clean and Homemade I Don Jose 2

I actually ordered a meal instead of just beans or beans and a taco because I wanted to see if the meals were good. I chose carnitas. I love carnitas and I like to try them in restaurants. Our waiter said that he liked them the best, so I was sold. The carnitas were good. They had a good flavor but were not as tender as I like them. I would order it again because the combination of all the things on the plate was perfection. The beans are the same beans that I liked at Jose Ole and I enjoyed the salad. This also came with warm tortillas, I just never eat them.

SImple Clean and Homemade I Don Jose 3

We also ordered the pollo adobo. This was our favorite thing at Jose Ole, so we had to try it again. This did not disappoint. It was better than I remember. I loved the combination of veggies.

We enjoyed our meal at Don Jose. It is a great local, non chain option in Robinson. The prices are reasonable and the food is good.

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  1. Joanna’s avatar

    Thanks for the recommendation – I’m always looking for new Mexican places that aren’t chains, especially in chain-heavy Robinson!

    If you are ever on the North Side, check out El Burro on Federal Street, around the corner from Crazy Mocha. It’s tiny, but the food is really fantastic.

  2. jessica’s avatar

    It have been to El Burro. The food is really good, but it is totally different than Don Jose. Have you tried Las Palmas? It is my favorite tacos.

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