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We are really lucky to live near two fantastic Korean restaurants. They are both within a 15 minute drive and offer homemade Korean food. Recently, we made another trip to Dasonii, a Korean restaurant in Robinson. It is fantastic every time we go, and this trip was no exception. One of my favorite winter dishes to order there is the Dolsot Bibimbap. It comes in a sizzling stone pot which continues to sizzle the entire time it is at the table. It comes with veggies on top as well as a raw egg that is cooked by the heat ruminating from the pot. It is the perfect comfort food and dish for those blistery winter nights. Plus, it keeps my hands warm. 

We did not order our favorite dish this time because it is July and hot outside. We decided to stick with one of our favorite Korean dishes, squid. 

Photo Jul 20 5 38 12 PM

Squid in Korean restaurants is typically served chewy. It comes in a spicy sauce with fresh vegetables and rice. This is my standby dish that I like to order in Korean restaurants and this certainly exceeded my expectations. The plate came out still sizzling. 

Photo Jul 20 5 19 44 PM

When we arrived, as is typical, the waitress served us the side dishes that come with each meal. They are fantastic mixed with the rice and some of the veggies from the squid. I like the contrast of the sweet potato (bottom left) that has a sticky sauce and is served cold with the spicy heat of the squid. Photo Jul 20 5 33 34 PM

Another favorite at Korean restaurants is the pancake. We chose to order the pepper pancake this time. It was tasty. However, it is a little thick for my taste but it is crispy and fantastic. Plus it is huge! We ate this for 4 days. 


Photo Jul 20 5 38 28 PM

Finally, we ordered the kimchi pork. This was the first time that we ordered this dish and we will definitely order it again. The sauce is similar to what is used in the pan seared squid however, the pork is tender and the kimchi adds a nice accent to the texture of the dish. It too is served with rice. 

I feel fortunate that we live near such a delicious, authentic Korean restaurant. I can’t wait to go back!

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