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I can’t even describe how excited I was when an Indian restaurant opened in Carnegie. We live pretty close to Carnegie, but we almost never go there. When we lived in Heidelberg, we did go to some of the restaurants there.  When Rivas was there, we would go to enjoy Nicaraguan food, but there were few other places that we tried and loved. (Now there are a few places on my list to try). Cafe Delhi opened in Carnegie on Mary Street in February of 2012. The restaurant is attached to the Indian Community Center.

When you enter Cafe Dehli, you order at the counter, they give you a number and you sit down. When your food is ready, a member of the wait staff brings it to your table. We had a little trouble picking exactly what we wanted. The waitress pointed out a few of the best selling dishes and explained that all of them can be made with our preference of heat on a 1 to 10 scale. We sat down and carefully read the menu. When I saw goat and lamb on the menu, I knew we had to order both. It was just a matter of choosing which preparation.

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As an appetizer, we ordered the Chilli Chicken ($4.99). It is boneless chicken with chilies and peppers in a slightly spicy sauce. The sauce is slightly sweet and the chicken is tender. We will order this again, maybe a little hotter.

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As a second appetizer, we ordered the Garlic Naan Bread ($2.25). I am a lover of naan bread and this did not disappoint. It has small pieces of garlic and is slightly crispy on the edges and warm. One order consist of four slices.

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For our first entree, the Spinach Lamb ($8.99). The spinach is silky with very tender chunks of lamb. Really, I could eat just the sauce with rice. It is that good.

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We ordered it at a spice level of 9. It was hot, but not so hot that my nose was running. So delicious. For most people, a 9 would be way too hot. The heat scale seems to be similar to the scale at the Thai restaurants in Pittsburgh.

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For our second entree, we ordered Goat Curry ($8.99). The sauce is a curry that contains onions, tomatoes, ginger, and garlic.

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While we really liked the flavor of the dish, the goat was chewy. It has a lot of bones and connective tissue. I would prefer this sauce with lamb or chicken next time we go.

Overall, we loved our meal at Cafe Delhi. We are excited to eat there again or order take out. Actually, as amazed as we were about the food when we were there, we were even more blown away by the leftovers. It seemed to have gotten better. If you find yourself near Carnegie, I highly recommend Cafe Delhi.


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