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On Saturday night, we decided to finally try the new burger restaurant in Robinson, Burgatory. It is located in the same plaza as Five Guys, Chipotle, Panera, Papaya, and Pier 1 at The Point. We got there a little before 6, not yet very hungry. The hostess told us that the wait would be from 75 minutes to 90 minutes, about what we expected. Burgatory uses the No Wait system, allowing restaurant patrons to put their names in and then leave. 

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After putting in our names, I instantly received a text message confirming our wait time. It also had a link that told us how many groups were in front of us (21 at the time). Anticipating a long wait, we decided to head over to DSW. Shortly after arriving at DSW, we received a text message stating that we had 10 minutes to check in with the hostess or we could text back and let them know we were on our way. I did text them back and then the panic set in. Traffic was not moving from DSW to Burgatory. It is less than a mile however, it took us 15 minutes to get there. We were very concerned that we lost our table and would have to start over again.  The website said that we had lost our table. I went in and talked to the hostess. She asked the manager what to do because we were only 5 minutes late. He told her to go ahead and give us the next table for two. I was relieved. 10 minutes really is not enough time to drive through Robinson. Our wait ended up being only 20 minutes. Had we known that it was 20 minutes and not 75, we would have stayed and waited. I was so happy that they gave us the next table. 

We were sat at a table for two. We were greeted by a friendly waitress who promptly took our drink order. When she returned with our water, she explained the menu to us and shared that there were two specials. The first was the ScareHouse Shake, a special for Halloween containing Red-Velvet Cake, icing, ice cream, and a gummy eye ball with $1 proceeds going to the Mario Lemieux Foundation. The other special was the B.O.D. (Burger of the Day). Saturday is Wild Game Day, it happened to be an Elk Burger. 

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We decided that we would split a shake. Burgatory offers hard shakes and classic shakes. Hard shakes contain alcohol but can be made without upon request. We decided on the Burnt Almond Torte shake without the alcohol because I do not like amaretto. The shake had chunks of Prantl’s Burnt Almond Torte (my favorite cake ever) with vanilla ice cream. The cake is a yellow cake with vanilla custard and buttercream icing covered in toasted almonds. The shake was also garnished with tons of whipped cream, caramel, and almonds. It tasted just like my favorite cake! It was so good. I will order this again. 

Photo Oct 27 7 01 25 PM

For my entree, I decided on the Standard Deluxe Burger. It was cooked medium with white american cheese, lettuce, tomato, and house burger sauce on a Brioche Bun. For $1.50, I subbed rosemary french fries for the chips. The fries were very good, crispy, with a slight taste of rosemary. 

Photo Oct 27 7 05 42 PM

This burger was fantastic. It was juicy with a slight sweetness from the Brioche. It was very close to being my perfect burger. When ordering the burger, customers have the choice between red, pink, and no pink. I ordered pink because I like my burgers cooked medium. This was definitely medium well with very little pink. Other than that, it was very good. I will stick with this when we return. 

Photo Oct 27 7 01 40 PM

Pierre chose the Burger of the Day (B.O.D.). It was an elk burger with smoked gouda, grilled mushrooms and onions, butternut squash puree, baby arugula on a brioche bun. 

Photo Oct 27 7 06 11 PM

Pierre really liked it. I tasted it and thought it was good but, since I am a burger purist, preferred the standard deluxe. I thought my burger was more flavorful which is ironic because his had more toppings. He opted to keep the chips. They are a mixture of regular and sweet potato chips. They were good, but I prefer the fries. After tasting my burger, he decided that he would choose the standard deluxe next time, too. His burger had just the right amount of pink. I was a little jealous. 

We really enjoyed our meal at Burgatory. We will be back again, especially because it is so convenient to our house. It was way more food then I could eat in one meal. I ended up only eating about 1/3 of my burger. I am very excited that they opened a location in Robinson so we have another good choice close to home. 

Sorry about the pictures, it was very dark and I only had my iPhone. 

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