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My favorite time to go out to restaurants is during brunch. I love it. I love mimosas and choosing between breakfast and lunch food. I love that I have all day to digest. My favorite brunch location is Eleven Contemporary Kitchen in the Strip District of Pittsburgh. Today was our most recent trip there for brunch. It features two-story seating with fireplaces and sophisticated holiday decorations.  When we arrived, we were promptly greeted and shown to our seat upstairs overlooking the spacious bar. The brunch menu features a pre fixe meal for $25 that includes a brunch cocktail, an appetizer, and an entree. We made out selections and enjoyed the ambiance in the setting that certainly was lifting my Christmas spirit. 

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The mimosa at Eleven is fab. It is effervescent with a splash of orange juice. Both of us chose to order the mimosa. 

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Soon after our mimosas arrived, our pastry basket also came to the table. It featured two biscuits, one white chocolate turnover (like a scone), one carrot muffin, and one cinnamon muffin. 

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The pastry basket comes with house made honey butter and apple compote. Both were delicious. I enjoyed the white chocolate turnover the most. The butter complimented the biscuits very well, adding a slightly sweet punch of honey flavor. The apple compote went best with the cinnamon muffin. I was surprised at how concentratedthe taste of apple was in the compote. 

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As one of our appetizers, we chose the oysters. They come with house made habanero hot sauce and a shallot sauce.  The hot sauce is slightly sweet on the tongue with heat at the finish. When added to the oysters, thedish is a briny mix of oyster, hot, and slight shallow flavor. It is the perfect oyster bite. 

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For the second appetizer, we had to order to beignets. The house made beignets were light a fluffy. They had a slight punch of meyer lemon and tangerine sauce. They were warm and dreamy. 

Photo Dec 16 11 32 28 AM

As an entree, we ordered the steak and egg. The steak is cooked to order. I always order steak Pittsburgh rare (charred on the outside and rare on the inside). This was cooked perfectly for me. It was cool on the inside and had a charred flavor on the outside. Highlighting the dish were creamy grits, roasted red peppers, and a béarnaise sauce. 

Photo Dec 16 11 33 41 AM

Now, let’s talk about the egg. I was most excited about the egg, and it did not disappoint. The crispy egg was just that. It was crispy on the outside and runny on the inside. It is first poached and then lightly fried. The egg added a richness to the dish that made it out of this world. 

Photo Dec 16 11 32 48 AM

For our second entree, we ordered the Eleven burger, just because it was so good last time. The Eleven Burger is topped with braised veal, black pepper bacon, crispy onions. We chose the goat cheese to top it. It comes with a crispy pickle and fries. 

Photo Dec 16 11 37 19 AM

It is cooked to order. I typically order burgers medium and this was! It is one of the best burgers that I have tasted in the city. 

Eleven is the perfect brunch spot. Almost everything is house made and features local, fresh ingredients. It is a great place for a special occasion or would make a great birthday celebration. I highly recommend brunch at Eleven. 


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