Brunch at Eleven II

I know I already wrote about brunch at Eleven once, but it is just so good there that I had to share our fab meal from the weekend. You can read about our last visit here. Now let’s look at the food. Unfortunately these iPhone pictures are a little fuzzy and dark.

Photo Feb 10 11 45 34 AM

I love a brunch cocktail. So, despite my love of mimosas, we decided to try new drinks this time. This first drink is the Eleven Mules. I was sold on it as soon as I read the words “house-made ginger beer”. Seriously? How could I pass it up. This drink was lightly sweet with a fresh flavor from the cucumber vodka, lime, and slices of mini cucumber floating on top. Wow. It may be the best cocktail I have ever tasted.

Photo Feb 10 11 45 58 AM

We also ordered the sangria. It features tempranillo, cherry vodka, apricot brandy, Primm’s, agave, apples, lime and orange to garnish. It was delicious. Perhaps a little too sweet for my taste, but a nice offering. I will order the Eleven Mules next time.

Photo Feb 10 11 46 08 AM

Photo Feb 10 11 46 12 AM

Eleven always offers an amazing house-made basket of breads. This one featured two miniature biscuits, a croissant, a banana muffin, and a chocolate chip muffin. My favorite item in the basket was the mini biscuit with the banana muffin as a close second. The croissant was excellent, although we eat them once or twice a month from a local bakery, so we enjoyed the other offerings instead. The chocolate chip muffin was the best one I have ever had and even made me think twice about my long standing hatred for chocolate chip muffins. The butter is whipped with honey and was delicious with each bread. The jam of the day was orange or tangerine. I don’t really remember. It went well with the banana muffin.

Photo Feb 10 11 50 05 AM

For one appetizer we ordered the Charcuterie. It featured Surryano ham, pork rillette, duck proscuitto, hot pepper jam, pickled vegetables, and some grainy mustard. I thoroughly enjoyed the duck proscuitto and the hot pepper jam.

Photo Feb 10 11 50 11 AM

The Pastrami Hash was the other choice. It featured a perfectly poached egg, mustard seed, horseradish, and chunks of pastrami. The potatoes were slightly crispy.

Photo Feb 10 12 10 50 PM

For my entree, I ordered the Smoked Lamb Huevos Rancheros. The dish was a large pile of smoked, pulled lamb on top of a crispy fried tortilla layered with refried lentils, and topped with two sunny side up eggs. The dish was enhanced with the acidic tomatillo salsa and goat cheese. The first bite surprised me by how good it was. We ended up eating most of it and taking the Eleven Burger (our staple) home to finish for dinner. It was the perfect brunch. I highly recommend visiting one Sunday morning.

This trip was in honor of my birthday using our Big Burrito birthday coupon. It is an excellent birthday gift of a free entree at any Big Burrito restaurant except Umi. You can sign up for it here.

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