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This weekend we had a small list of must haves from Penzys, so while planning our weekend, we decided it was time to go somewhere new. We did not go to our typical stores in Pittsburgh, instead we ventured to Eton in Woodmere, Ohio. We knew we could go fulfill our Penzy’s list as well as get a few essentials at Sur la Table. In planning our trip, I knew where we had to go for lunch, B Spot Burgers.

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B Spot is Michael Symon’s burger restaurant that serves quality burgers. The best part? They have a pickle bar! I love pickles. Any way, when we got there, we noticed that it had a familiarity of another restaurant that we go to quite often. The decor reminds me of Burgatory in Robinson. It made me wonder which came first. Anyhow, I ordered the cheeseburger because I only think comparison is fair when you try the basic offering. Plus, if you can’t do that right, how can your other burgers be good? It was cooked medium, just how I like it. You can see I packed my plate with pickled everything. This was a delicious burger. When we go back, I will order it again.

SImple Clean and Homemade I  B Spot

The other burger we ordered was the French Onion burger topped with bacon, gruyere horseradish fondue, caramelized onions, ShaSha sauce, and crispy onions. It was very good. The bacon was crisp and thick, the sauce was creamy with a bit of bite, and the burger was cooked perfectly. While this one had a lot going on for me (I like a simple burger), it had great flavors. I would eat this one sans bun.

SImple Clean and Homemade I  B Spot 2

Finally, we ordered the Lola Fries. They are fried in lard and have a slight rosemary flavor to them. They are very good, much better than other rosemary fries that I have had in other restaurants. Plus, they gave us an opportunity to really try all of the sauces on the table. We enjoyed the ShaSha sauce and the Stadium Mustard the best.

We enjoyed our trip to The B Spot and are looking forward to having one in Pittsburgh.

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